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Health & Lifestyle Program

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How Fitz Works?

Fitz rewards your employees with access to hundreds of fitness classes,
massage therapists, sports trainers, and a growing list of healthy lifestyle options.

Unlimited access
for your employees

Classes instructed by
Personal Trainers

New Classes
Every day

Easy to use

Why FITZ works for your company


Healthy, energetic employees are more
efficient and work smarter!


Less sick days and injury free employees
keeps your company in top shape!

Save money
on healthcare costs

Easily lower your annual
health care expenses

Boost your
company sales

More efficiency, productivity, and happy
employees result in more profit.

Reward Your Employees

Employees love perks to the job!

Track company
wide fitness metrics

Host fitness challenges and motivate
your staff with Fitz

Attract top talent!

Show job applicants your company
cares about health.


Keeping your staff fit enhances productivity,
focus and improves their energy!


Reserve hundreds of classes from Yoga,
Crossfit, Zumba, Spin and more!


Jump into a class nearby on your way to the
office, at lunch or near your home!


Fitz guarantees employees will lose weight, correct posture and lower cholesterol with just a few classes per week!


View popular classes, connect with colleagues
and track your personal fitness metrics!


No commitments or having to pay for multiple
memberships. Fitz has you covered!


Employees want to know their company
cares about their health and well-being!


Camaraderie amongst employees is key. Fitz enables colleagues to stay fit together outside of the office!

We have tons of fitness activities near your office.

  • Burnaby
  • Richmond
  • Vancouver
  • North Vancouver
  • Coquitlam
  • Maple Ridge
  • Tsawwassen

More Questions? We would love to show
you a demo of how FITZ works.

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What else should I know about?

  • What types of corporations are affiliated with Fitz?

    We partner with large corporations, start ups and small businesses. Our goal is to partner with any company that wants to ensure their employees are happy and healthy.

  • Can our employees connect online and see what classes they're trying?

    Yes! Employees can see what classes and locatons their colleagues are attending. Employees can change their privacy settings within their account. 

  • How do our employees reserve a class or fitness activity?

    Employees can log into their Fitz account and our dashboard allows them to easily reserve classes. 

  • What is Fitz?

    Fitz is the online solution for your corporate fitness program. Our Fitz Passport gives your employees unlimited access to Vancouver’s top fitness studios.

  • How do we change our company logo in our account settings?

    Under the “Settings” tab and on your profile page you'll see a little blue circle next to existing photo. Click here to upload a new image from your computer. 

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