Frequently Asked Questions

What types of corporations are affiliated with Fitz?

We partner with large corporations, start ups and small businesses. Our goal is to partner with any company that wants to ensure their employees are happy and healthy.

Can our employees connect online and see what classes they're trying?

Yes! Employees can see what classes and locatons their colleagues are attending. Employees can change their privacy settings within their account. 

How do our employees reserve a class or fitness activity?

Employees can log into their Fitz account and our dashboard allows them to easily reserve classes. 

What is Fitz?

Fitz is the online solution for your corporate fitness program. Our Fitz Passport gives your employees unlimited access to Vancouver’s top fitness studios.

How do we change our company logo in our account settings?

Under the “Settings” tab and on your profile page you'll see a little blue circle next to existing photo. Click here to upload a new image from your computer. 

Will colleagues be able to view my classes/reservations?

By default yes, but you are able to control your privacy settings.  Click on the “settings” tab and then under Privacy and Notifications you can select your settings.  Then save at the bottom.

How do you calculate the fitness levels and calories burned in a class?

Our calculations are estimates and are not 100% accurate due to the nature of the variables (ie. the person working out, how hard they work out, body type etc).

How does it work?

Fitz partners with local fitness studios to then provide corporations with a fully managed fitness solution. You will have the ability to sign up and manage your employees through our dashboard. 

Do most gyms have showers so our employees can shower after a lunch hour workout?

Most of our studios have showers/lockers but double check on their dashboard here.

How much does Fitz pay our studio per visit?

We pay our studios a fair discounted rate. Contact our Studio Partnership Relations department here for more info.

Can an employee cancel their reservation to a class?

We understand things come up in the office. Simply cancel within 12 hours of the class start time and it’s free. In order to keep our studio partners happy any last minute cancellations will have a $10 cancellation fee. 

What features does the studio dashboard have? (Studio)

You can manage check ins, view usage, discover how much profit you are making and see which companies are being attracted to your gym. View our partner’s page here.

How are you different than other multi studio passes?

Fitz acts as a recruitment service to attract corporate employees to your studio.

Some employees don't workout too often- do you have various pricing available?

Yes - We have flexible pricing for every employee. Take a look here.

How do we invite our employees to join Fitz?

Once your company has registered their account with Fitz you will be prompted to input your credit card details and the amount of employees you would like to join the program (which you can add or reduce at any time). Your credit card will not be charged at this point, just securely stored with our payment processor.