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More Energy, Happiness, and Results in the office.

Lets face it. The more we workout, the better we look and feel. Endorphins do great things in the office and have the power to help produce massive results. Fitz gaurantees to motivate and spark your employees interest to get moving, further impacting employee morale and results in the workplace.

Employees can workout together

Having a gym buddy is effective. Employees can try new classes and tackle workouts together, holding eachother accountable to their goals. Fitz encourages employees to bond outside of the workplace, which in return positively enhances the workplace culture.

Convenient, Nearby Locations steps from the office.

Fitz has studio partners near your office and home giving your employees the option to workout during their lunch hour or at any time of the day convenient for them.

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Fitness Variety

Fitz gives your employees unlimited access to our city's top rated fitness classes, gyms, yoga studios, fitness boutiques and more. When employees are consistent and excited about staying in shape it reflects in the work place.

Injury Free employees

Many employees suffer from back pain and posture issues due to inactivity, or from sitting all day in the office. Give the gift of Fitz to your employees, allowing them to choose from many types of fitness activities that suits their needs keeping them on their feet and feeling healthy.

Save time and money

Focus your time and energy on more important tasks. Let Fitz manage your corporate fitness program for you. Your HR manager will love us!

Simple to reserve any class, any time.

Easily book classes or schedule in gym sessions simply through your online dashboard or via our mobile application.

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