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By joining FITZ you’ll get:

Corporate Clients

Fitz attracts hundreds of corporate employees from nearby offices. Be a catalyst to help them battle stress and increase energy and productivity in their office. They’ll love you for it!

extra revenue

Take full advantage of Fitz and fill up empty class spots that would otherwise go un-used. Let us bring you the clients and pay you at the end of the month. Good deal, eh?


Fitz is a local Vancouver company with a vision to help other local businesses grow. Its a win-win for our community. Together, lets keep Vancouver the fittest city in the world.

Your own
Studio Dash Board

Easily manage, adjust class capacities, check in guests, and see how much profit Fitz is creating for your studio. We’ve made it simple for your management. We give you the data you need, and gaurantee the numbers will be flying high.

  • “Overall, the platform has been great! I think the idea is fantastic and the classes have been awesome!”

    Kristina Chayipova, Telus

  • “Attending the class was seamless, it was a really good service in terms of customer service and ease of using the booking system.”

    Laura Campbell, Appnovation

  • “My Experiences I had using Fitz were fantastic. It was extremely easy and convenient to book. The classes themselves were amazing, the instructors were motivating and helpful. The gyms seemed to have good rapport with Fitz - when I mentioned I was on the Fitz Beta, the gym staff were quite happy to help and seemed eager to please.”

    Derek Weeres, Appnovation

  • “Using the Fitz platform is user friendly and is great to to gain exposure and leads for local fitness studios around Vancouver. The concept is innovative and a great way for the corporate community to get fit and healthy”

    Angus Burke, Owner, EP Fitness Inc.

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